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The town was founded by Doad king shankar sahai. Hence the name: garh (Home of) shankar (Founders’ name). Garhshankar was founded in 1000. AD by Shankar Sahai Doad, that time king.Garhshankar was converted as a Tehsil in the year of 1844 by British Govt. Doad is the surname that belongs to Rajput Caste.Majority of them live in Block number 22 of Garhshankar, especially in the upper villages of Garhshankar popularly known as BEET.In old times this area was under one king ( Shri Tikka Rana Saheb, Eldest son of the King is normally called Shri Tikka Saheb) who controlled all villages from Garhi Mansowal. In 1775, the Tika of The Ghorewahas conquered Garhshankar, killing the Doad King. Later during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, when he wanted to conquer the sub-mountainous region of Kandi, the Doads of Mansowal sent fifteen horse riders to help Maharaja Ranjit Singh in order to avenge their massacre by the Ghorewahas. In return, Maharaja granted the Doads the property of the lands of Mansowal. The British Empire also granted the property of eight villages to Doad Rajputs of Mansowal. This information is recorded on page 67 in Final Report of Revised Settlement, Hoshiarpur District, 1877-1884, by J. A. L. Montgomery, published 1885, Calcutta Central Press Co. After the slaughter of Doads at Garh Shankar, five grandsons of the last Doad King survived. The youngest grandson of the last Doad King, who was also killed Korewans, was married to a girl from Ajnoha. During the Garhshankar tragedy, the wife of the youngest prince was at her parents house in Ajnoha because she was expecting a baby. She gave birth to a son. In those days, it was not considered good to keep the son of a daughter in the village. Therefore, when the young prince became an adult in 1800, the villagers of Ajnoha built a house for him in the land of another village, Panchhat. In the course of time, his cousins, the sons of his two uncles, who were homeless until then, finally came to live with him in Panchhat. The son of his third uncle, whose name was Ghamandi, also came to live in with him. The brother of Ghamandi, named Jattu, went to live in Thakarwal.

Garhshankar is a city, near by the Shivalik Valleys, and having Punjab Himachal border near by. Distance from other cities is as given below:- Jalandhar = 62.5 KM , Amritsar = 143 KM, Ludhiana = 62.8 KM, Nangal = 42 KM, Chandigarh = 100 KM, Hoshiarpur = 45 KM, Khatkar Kalan = 18 KM (birth place of Sardar Bhagat Singh)

And Some Religious Places: Shri Anandpur Sahib = 58 KM, Mata Naina Devi = 75 KM, Mata Chinta Purni = 62 KM


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